Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween pirate brownies

Since we are going to a Halloween party tonight and a lot of people are bringing food I figured the best bet was to go for a dessert. I love brownies and I do make pretty tasty ones too but I wanted to spice them up a bit for Halloween. Since we are going dressed as pirates I figured why not put the jolly roger (if you don't know what that is it's the skull and cross bones from a pirate flag) on them and make them into little pirate brownies so here's what I did....first I found an image online the size I needed and printed it out onto card stock.

Then I cut around the image with a razor blade to make a stencil. Below is the back side of the image so you can see it better. I had to leave a little section of paper next to the eyes and nose so that the face parts would stay in place while using the stencil.

Next I place the image over each individual brownie and put some powdered sugar in a sifter (or strainer) and sifted it over the image.

I lifted the stencil off carefully and there you have it! Halloween pirate brownies!

And here is the finished tray all ready to go to the party tonight! I think they came out really cute!

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