Sunday, October 17, 2010

lois' birthday gift

I went to my cousin Lois' 40th birthday party last night. My cousin lives in CA but her parents (my aunt & uncle) live in PA and since she was coming for a visit they decided to throw a party for her. My sister Jennifer, a graphic designer, made the invitations. They had sunflowers on them since is Lois' favorite flower. I had no idea what to get for her birthday. I kept coming up with ideas but all of them were shot down by other family members. Everyone told me to give her cash because it was easiest to travel back home with. But to me cash is the easy way out. I wanted to give her something that would remind her of her 40th birthday. So the night before the party I came up with idea. A sunflower necklace! So i sat down and started sketching....this photo of the finished product. It is also stamped on the back "happy 40th birthday" and she loved it!

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