Monday, April 26, 2010

Halloween in April in NYC

I spent the past Thursday in NYC with some friends. We went to see the Tim Burton Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC , and If I hadn't been so busy since then I would have posted about it sooner, because today is the last day to see it and it was DEFINITELY worth going to see. "A Nightmare Before Christmas" is my all time favorite animated movie. There were sketches and props from that movie at the exhibit as well as things from "Mars Attacks", "Edward Scissorhands", "The Corpse Bride", "Batman Returns" and many other movies as well as random sketches & figurines of crazy little characters Tim Burton came up with. You can still check out most of the exhibit online by following the link I posted above but I am not sure how long the exhibit will be online for since today is the last day it will be in the museum. Later that same evening we ended up at "The Addams Family" musical (which was my favorite TV show growing up) in the center of the theater 4th row from the stage which was AWESOME! The characters were dead on and even Cousin It and Thing make an appearance. This is a new musical so it will be ther for a while. Definitely something else to check out in NYC if you get a chance!

One of the many sketches from the Tim Burton Exhibit at MOMA

One of the items for purchase at the theater

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