Monday, November 7, 2011

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival

Etsy Metal is a talented group of metal smiths from all around the world. Every month we hold a blog carnival where we all blog about the same thing and attach links to each others blogs so everyone who reads one can read and find everyone elses too.This month's Etsy Metal Blog Carnival is "Holiday Previews". The Holidays are fast approaching! Give us a preview of what you are working on for this special time of year.

This year I have been working on a lot of mixed metals. My top selling cuff over the summer has now become a full line. I have been making cuff, earrings, necklaces and rings all from sterling silver, copper and brass. Each with different textures and patterns imprinted into the metal. The new line is reasonably priced and perfect for holiday gifts! You can see some more of my mixed metal pieces in my Etsy Shop.

To see what other Etsy Metal members have created for this holiday season....
Erin Austin:
Cynthia Del Giudice: 
Rebecca Bogan:
Danielle Miller-Gilliam:
Panicmama Jewelry:
kate jones:
Evelyn Markasky


Evelyn Markasky said...

Nicely developed line!! They're beautiful!

panicmama said...

Love the mixture of metals and textures!!

AdobeSol said...

I love your mixed metal jewelry! Hope the holiday season is a great one for you and your family.

Beth Cyr said...

I love mixed metals! all the textures work together so well.

Nodeform said...

Your mixed metal line is stunning!

kate jones said...

the textures are so inviting!

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