Monday, December 19, 2011

Etsy Metal Secret Santa Gift

Every year Etsy Metal (a group of very talented metal artists from all over the world) does a "Secret Santa". Members who want to participate sign up and give their jewelry preferences (ring size, bracelet length, i don't like this or that, etc). Names are "pulled from a hat" and each member is given another member to send a gift to. You do not know where your gift is coming from and you are only given the info on who/where to send your gift to with that person's jewelry preferences.  Your item is supposed to stay within a certain dollar amount so everyone gives/receives items with the same value. This year there were 47 participants. I have been checking the mail daily since the deadline and today my Secret Santa gift finally arrived! It was this mixed metal necklace made by Kirsten Denbow from Englewood, CO and I LOVE it!  I especially love the handmade chain with the little flowers randomly placed on it. Thank you SO much Kirsten!

PS....I would show you what I sent but I haven't heard if that person received it or not yet so you will have to wait!

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