Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm the new EtsyMetal Charm Swap Curator!

Well it's official! Myself, along with Victoria Takahashi, are the next curators of the upcoming EtsyMetal Charm Swap! For those of you who do not know what I am talking about here's a little more info....EtsyMetal is a group of over 100 jewelry artists from all over the world that work in metal. There is a sign up list for members who would like to participate. The number of participants is limited to 20 but each person has to make 22 charms. 20 of those charms are swapped among the other artists who have signed up for the charm swap (so each person on the list gets one from every other person on the list), with 2 left over. At the end of the swap not only does each participating artist have 20 new charms from people all over the world but a completed charm bracelet and extra individual charms will be available for sale in the EtsyMetal Team shop, hence the reason for extra 2 charms. Also, half of the proceeds collected upon the sale of the bracelet will go towards our EtsyMetal Youth Outreach Program. We will donate 50% to the curator’s choice of a Youth Art Organization (TBA). You can see photos and read more about past charm swaps here. This is the 8th charm swap for the group but my 1st since I have only become a member of this group in Jan 2011. I think this is the coolest idea and I am very excited to be curating this event as well as participating in it. And I can not wait to put my own charm bracelet together at the end of the swap!

Bracelet from Charm Swap 6 you can purchase it in the EtsyMetal Team Shop

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