Monday, August 15, 2011

Etsy Metal Charm Swap 8

As you may already know by following my blog, or following me on facebook and/or twitter, I am helping to run the Etsy Metal Charm Swap this time around. Check out all my blog posts on the Etsy Metal Blog about this fun and exciting challenge! There are only 6 weeks left until all the charms are due and since I still have not come up with an idea for my charms that I am happy with I am kind of starting to freak out! The last Charm Swap I participated in only happened for me because someone dropped out the day the charms were due. And since I already had an idea for what I was going to make I was able to pop out my 22 charms in 1 1/2 days of non stop work....I am hoping I will not have to do it again this time around! Check out the charm bracelet made with all the Etsy Metal Charms from  Charm Swap 7. It's for sale in the Etsy Metal Team Shop along with all of the individual charms including my charm from the bracelet.

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