Friday, August 5, 2011

New challenge...Project Runway Challenge Season 9 - week 1 (RAW 17)

As if the RAW (ring a week) challenge wasn't enough for me to handle.... which by the way every day life has made me fall slightly behind in that challenge.... I have decided to participate in the Etsy Metal Project Runway Challenge as well. How it works is we watch Project Runway, which airs every Thursday night, and then their challenge is translated into a jewelry challenge which is due the following Thursday night. This week the designers had to use the clothes they slept in the night before plus one of their bed sheets to create a new look. Taking something old and making it into something new. They also had access to dye and trimmings. This translated into a jewelry challenge is to make something only from scrap material that is sitting on your bench. Since the designers got a sheet, we get to use some extra sheet metal. We also can add stones from our supplies since they got use dyes and trimmings. I found an old ring band from a ring I took apart last week, a piece of scrap wire and a piece of scrap silver sheet left over from another project.

I cut the ring band down and made it thinner. I also added some texture to it. I used the wire to make the "stilts" and the scrap sheet became the top piece of the ring. The only other things I added was another small piece of silver sheet and a stone and this is what I came up with....

I am hoping to be able to combine some of my RAW and Project Runway pieces so I can get caught up on RAW and participate in Project Runway challenge as well.This is one of those pieces...So far so good!

You can see some of the other Etsy Metal members Project Runway Challenge pieces here.

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