Friday, August 12, 2011

Project Runway Challenge: Season 9 - week 2

This is the second week in the Etsy Metal Project Runway Challenge. Here are the details:

Episode 2: "My Pet Project"
In this episode, the challenge was to create an outfit using pet store supplies. They were allowed to use muslin as well, but were encouraged not to.

For our Etsy Metal Translation:

To make a piece of jewelry using pet store supplies! We were told to try to limit our time in the pet store to 30 minutes. We may use some metal in the piece but must try to use as little as possible.

I went the pet store on Friday of last week but really couldn't look at anything except for the animals since I had my 7 year old nephew with me. Not having a chance to go back since Friday, I stopped in Walmart today and had a quick look in the pet section. The pickins were slim compared to what they had at the pet store. I ended up with these cat toy replacement feathers which I turned into earrings.

A simple project with not much imagination used but with the short amount of time I had  to work on them I think they turned out pretty good!

To see the what everyone else participating in the challenge has created check out the Etsy Metal Blog.

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